The meaning of lagom
From swedish meaning "just right" to
perfectly contouring the female form, color and desire.
Lagom comes as you are.
Enough and just right!


Lingerie and clothing brand
Well, mostly lingerie, because we all love it and we can’t get enough.
LAGOM was founded in 2020 by creative director Silvana Moldovan.
Guided by passion, creativity and lots of love for the female forms she built a team, opened up a small atelier and pursued her dream.

Short, thin, round, rounder, you are mine to admire and i'm yours to inspire.


I hope to inspire you to never hide yourself
I hope to inspire you to never be ashamed of who you are or how you look
I hope to inspire you to be naturally YOU
You should feel confident, sexy and beautiful no matter the shape, size, dream or desire you have.
You are Lagom.


​Handcrafted in limited edition, ranging from practical lingerie to sophisticated and highly versatile pieces easy to wear as outwear.
Our designs highlight the unique shape of the body and it's expressive lines through outstanding craftsmanship.

All designs and patterns are created exclusively by Lagom.